Australian manufacturers
delivering quality medical
grade bandages, soft
orthotics & meat netting.

Greatorex Textile Industries is a family owned and operated business established in 1946,
originally as a manufacturer of corsetry and lingerie fabrics and later as a producer of sports medicine products and soft orthotics.

In the late 1980’s we started to produce food grade elastic threads and later food grade elastic netting for the food industry. The GTI group of companies now has four separate manufacturing plants within Australia, they are vertically integrated to operate independently whilst supporting each other seamlessly with regards to buying power, raw material management, technical advice and distribution considerations. This enables us to remain competitive in the domestic and international marketplace.

Early in 2007, GTI expanded its operations by purchasing GTI QLD (originally est. as IKP in 1992) to supplement our food grade elastic netting operations.

Our soft orthotics continue to be designed and produced by our dedicated machinists who manufacture a wide range of soft orthotics designed for the medical, sporting and leisure industries.

GTI’s tubular compression bandages proudly remain the market leader, are 100% Australian owned and 100% guaranteed LATEX FREE.

Supported by our dedicated research and development team the GTI group of companies are able to deliver innovative products at competitive rates that meet the high expectations of our valued costumers